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The local business is Dudley’s Dinner in Toledo Ohio. This restaurant has been around for over half a century and has built a great reputation in the Glass City. This facility has just been taken over by my boss Sunny whose nationality is Indian. He is a great owner operator and works very hard and is good at what he does. This business is struggling right now due to lack of customers and huge costs to run the business. No matter the demand for his food he still has to prepare food so it can be ready to serve when it is needed. Even though his demand is down he still needs to maintain his supply so he can serve the food fresh in a timely fashion. This is very coasty and cuts down on the profitability that the business is
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Unformatted text preview: capable of producing. We constantly have to look for ways to cut down on the coasts of electricity and natural gas, and we also have to prepare the food more strategically so we are not throwing away out dated products. Sunny has been showing me the ins and outs of the business management world for my own knowledge and has been giving me tips. Right now he is losing thousands of dollars every day and has no loans to pay, he know that once the business picks up that it will become extremely profitable. I have helped him start one other restaurant and it took about a year and it is going strong and producing about 50 thousand dollars a month with a total coast of 10 thousand to operate....
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