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There are four different systems that work on the earth and humans depend on their very existence to survive. They are Atmosphere, Lithosphere, Hydrosphere, and Biosphere. People depend on at least one aspect of each of these four systems. Fist the Atmosphere is a envelope of gases that surround the Earth that goes about 10,000 Km above the earth’s surface. The density of the atmosphere gets thinner the further up you go. There are four parts to the atmosphere, troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, and ionosphere. Air at sea level is 78% N and 21% O, and this is what humans need from the atmosphere breathable air and protection from outer space. The hydrosphere consists of all water in and on the Earth whether it be gas, liquid or solid. Ninety seven percent of water on the earth is salt water in the oceans and 2% of water is frozen in the north and south pole’s. The last one
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Unformatted text preview: percent is fresh water that is drinkable in the lakes, rivers, or streams and this is what humans depend on from the Hydrosphere. The biosphere is where all living beings on this planet are present. This is where pressures are low enough to support life, air is breathable, and water can be found in the liquid state to support life. The lithosphere is the outer shell of the earth that is solid. It is composed of the entire crust, and goes down almost a hundred miles. This is where we find oil, salt, gold, diamonds, and all other resources that we mine from the ground. If we did not have all these systems working exactly how they do us humans would find it extremely difficult to survive and we would not make it very long without just one of these systems. I would like to choose North America for our final project....
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