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Unformatted text preview: Journal Entry Baney, Robert Gridley, Rachel 6/7/2011 Eth/125 September 2, 1845 Dear Diary, Today we arrived in the wonderful United States of America. My family and I are here to escape the worsening potato famine that has spread across Ireland. My father had to pay a lot of money to bring us to America. The trip here was horrible. We were in the bottom of ship with many others. There was very little room to move around. The people around us were sick with colds from the water that settled in under our feet. Some of the young children and the and women passed away while on the ship. I sometimes wondered if we would make it, but we did make it! It’s so beautiful here in New York City. Getting of the ship there were many men looking to take our bags and offering a place to stay and jobs. Father thought this was a wonderful idea. “Look my child, our first day in America, and we do not have to look for a job or somewhere to lay our heads. Our lives are looking up!...
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Baney_Robert_WK1_assignment_ETH - Journal Entry Baney,...

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