Baney_Robert_WK1_Che - department and the systems would be able to share information This department needs to be able to track all sales dates

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Information systems are designed to help people with information storage, recalling, and reports. The finance department would be greatly benefited with computers to help track expences, income, wages, overhead ect. This would also help out around tax time allowing the finance department to accurately store financial information all year around and recall at a click of a mouse and have it printed out into black and white. This would help to ensure that a company’s finances are protected and taxes where paid on time, avoiding costly penalties and sometimes jail. Another department that would greatly utilize information systems would be the sales department. This department would be affiliated with the finance
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Unformatted text preview: department and the systems would be able to share information. This department needs to be able to track all sales, dates, times, and transaction history. This would also allow the sales department to store all customer information and would enable them to recall a certain file when the time is necessary. These two departments would utilize these information systems to help the business to run smoothly and more efficiently. Time is money and if we can make things go along more quickly and have acess to information instantly that means the business would have more time to get more business....
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