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Certain situations call for certain measures to be taken. I can remember several situations in which I had to test different theory’s to fix a problem or come up with a solution. Working as an Automotive Technician involves possessing knowledge of how automobiles work and the ability to diagnose and repair broken vehicles. Facing certain mechanical failures can be very challenging, some problems people have with cars call for their technician to be creative and see something that is not there or is not responding correctly. Before wrenching on any vehicle I use the Internet and a Mitchell on Demand program to give me vehicle maintenance guides. I also use these recourses to provide me with step-by- step instructions to diagnose or fix a problem. I was working on a 1997 Toyota Camery, and I had to replace a water pump, timing belt, and several gaskets. After working on this vehicle for three days and
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Unformatted text preview: was ready to install the last motor mount. When I tightened the bolts for this part, the motor mount busted in three pieces, this is a solid cast aluminum bracket that could not be repaired. This situation had forced me to fabricate a new motor mount that was extremely durable and matched the exact dimensions of the original. Because fabrication was not a strong point, I had to discuss my situation with a friend of mine who is a welder. This person works with raw material and he refines these pieces to factory standards. Together we used our skills to fabricate a bracket that replaced the old one and was lighter and stronger. Having to deal with problems when working on cars has taught me to read the directions and talk to other people in the field. When discussing a problem with another person can help someone see situations or problems differently and ultimately help solve issue....
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