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Chapter 9 Review CON252 - can be put in to place relatively...

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Chapter 9 Review 2. To start the process the quarry block is cut into slabs using a gang saw. The faces of these slabs are then polished smooth in a grinding and polishing machine. Finally the edges of the slab are squared off by a circular saw. 3. Stone is laid in a different process then brick in that most stone has an irregular shape and cam be trimmed in to many different shapes. Many stones are often too heavy to be laid by hand and sometimes require hoists or cranes. The mortar joints are also very different from the ones used in brick laying. 4. Concrete masonry units are very cost effective because they are inexpensive. They also
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Unformatted text preview: can be put in to place relatively quickly taking less labor time. The large shape of the CMU is also cost effective because it replaces twelve normal size bricks. 6. Vertical reinforcing is accomplished by placing steel bars into the centers of the CMU. Horizontal reinforcing is generally accomplished by placing heavy wire in-between the layers of CMU inside of the grout. Bond beam blocks can also be used if steel bar is to be layer both vertically and horizontally....
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