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The Mifos program is very useful and helpful for financial institution. This also allows them to follow their clients and their status as a part of the company. This program scans the database and shows information reports and searches client accounts through each branch of the office from state to state. This helps a business to stay organized and speeds up the process of gathering information. This program would help our a Bank the most by allowing the program users to create savings and loan accounts and allows managers to keep an eye on how things are going from a separate office. Technology makes our lives easier and through technology we have made fewer errors and can manage accounts more accurately
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Unformatted text preview: with ease. This program also allows clients to access there information from their home using a personal computer, by entering a user name and password. The Mifos program also keeps detailed records that can be recalled anytime. Reports offered range form client detail, performance of the company, status of the general ledger, and analysis. The analysis reports are useful including branch cash confirmation report, Branch progress report, detailed aging of portfolio at rish report. This program would be useful for any small business that needs to track their finances and client information....
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