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Starting your own business is the most dangerous decision anyone can make. It is important to remember that most small businesses fail within the first two years. It is also important to work as hard as you can and dedicate all time available to your business. I am going to make an enterprise that consists of many different businesses. The first thing my business will be known for is our award winning customer service. If a customer is unhappy my company will do anything necessary to keep our customers happy. Word of mouth is a very powerful item that every person can utilize for good or bad. Honesty is the best policy, when it comes to running a business my company will be honest and fair in every situation. My organization will be fair and honest in and treat the customers as they were a part of our family. I will only hire my friends
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Unformatted text preview: and family that I can trust with my life. I will stress the fact that our customers are our lives and makes our business go. It is cheaper to keep a customer happy and a repeat customer than it is to find another to replace them. It is extremely important that all workers get paid on time and the proper amount, and it is important that all bills are paid on time. It will be difficult to remember these few simple rules, that really are common sense. To have a good successful business people just need to put forth 110% effort and never give up and never get upset. My leaders will need to stay cool, calm, and collected and be able to please any person in any situation....
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