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The theory of plate tectonics has been around for over 100 years. This theory is difficult to prove due to the unseen forces that can’t be explained. Scientist has come to accept the ideas of Harry H. Hess who was born in May of 1906 and was a geologist who served in world war two. Hess was considered one of the founding fathers of the theory of plate tectonics. Hess suggests that the convection of the earth’s mantle was the driving force behind this process of plate tectonics. Harry has advanced the theory that the earth’s crust moves laterally away from long, volcanically active oceanic ridges. Plate tectonics is the idea that the rigid outer layers of the Earth the lithosphere are broken up into many pieces or plates that move independently over the weaker. Another man John Tuzo Wilson was another founding father of the theory of plate tectonics. He was a Canadian geophysicist and geologist who achieved worldwide acclaim for
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Unformatted text preview: his contribution to plate tectonics. The theory of mantel convection is often compared to a pot of boiling water. The boiling water example is explained as water or molten rock is heated it rises up to the surface and spreads out and cools, then it falls back to the core to be heated back up to start the process all over again. For convection to happen you need a heat source and in the earth you have two sources of heat, radioactive decay and residual heat. These things are all directly related to volcanic activity and the process of heating molten rock and the circulation from the core to the surface, earthquakes and eruptions create new land each day. These forces are keeping our planet alive and able to support life and an atmosphere. Our planet is the only one in the solar system that is volcanically and tectonically active, and thus is the only one with life present....
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