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Baney, Robert Pratt, Parley XBIS/219 5/6/2011 This problem at Jet blue airways has proven to be disastrous for the company and for the CEO. There problems ranged from technological issues, to poor planning and preparations for such a disaster. It seems
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that one problem led to others and before they knew it they were overwhelmed with irritated passengers. Due to outdated technology and improper IT systems there resources became overloaded and locked up in a matter of hours. Inadequate technology would not allow the company to track, passenger baggage, location or any form of information pertaining to the customer. Other problems did not become apparent
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Unformatted text preview: when workers tried finding off duty workers to come in and help, there systems did not show contact information nor could the off duty workers call into the company to help out the disaster. Jet Blue had experienced several problems that really were not a big deal individually, but all these problems happening at one time proved to be disastrous. This company waited until they were experiencing problems before they choose to fix them. This coast the CEO his job and coasts the company millions of dollars because they were not ready for these problems and their IT was severally outdated and overloaded....
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