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The systems development life cycle (SDLC) is the traditional systems development Method that organizations use for large-scale IT projects. The SDLC is a structured framework that consists of sequential processes by which information systems are developed. For our purposes, these processes are systems investigation, systems analysis, systems design, programming, testing, implementation, operation, and maintenance. Each process in turn consists of well-defined tasks. This is a process used by a system analyst to develop and information system, including requirements, validation, and training and user ownership. These systems are expected to meet or exceed customer expectations and it needs to work efficiently and effectively in the current IT infrastructure in a cheap and easy way. Due to the complexity of IT and the rapid growth of this field, there has been several SDLC models to
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Unformatted text preview: meet certain situations. The models ranges from waterfall, spiral, Agile, rapid prototyping and synchronize and stabilize. SDLC models can be described along a spectrum of agile to iterative to sequential. Agile methodologies focus on lightweight processes which allow for rapid changes along the cycle. Iterative methods such as rational unified process and dynamic systems development method focus on limited project scope and growing and improving products by multiple iterations. Sequential or big design such as waterfall, focus on complete and correct planning to guide large projects and risks to successful and predictable results. The other models tend to focus on a form of development that is guided by project scopes and adaptive iterations of feature development....
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  • Systems Development Life Cycle, Software development process, Iterative and incremental development, SDLC models, Dynamic Systems Development Method

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