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The five central beliefs of Islam Islam beliefs include a belief n the absolute unity of god, belief in angels, belief in profits, beliefs in scriptures, and belief in the final judgment. In addition some texts include a sixth pillar, which includes god’s divine decree and predestination. The first doctrine of faith is the absolute unity of god. Tawhid meaning making god one refers to the strict belief of monotheism and the refusal to compromise this position. They believe that god is the creator and destroyer of the universe and stands alone and has no partners, the only worthy of worship is Allah. The association of anything with god denies god his true nature. The word Islam is translated as to surrender or to submit. The second section of faith asserts the belief in angels as a part of god’s creation. Angels have no sex and are made of light, and humans are made from clay. All angels are good beside satan/Iblis that was sent out of heaven after he refused gods command to bow down to Adam. These angels are god’s helpers and messengers but are not considered
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