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Club IT Part 2 Baney, Robert Pratt, Parley XBIS 219 5/15/2011
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Club IT is a nightclub owned by Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejanda. They are graduates with a degree in business administration. After graduating they decided to open a night club together. Their mission is to provide a nightclub that offers live music, a spacious dance area, and enjoyable entertainment and refreshments. Although Lisa and Ruben have put much effort into remodeling their club’s interior, they are starting to think about the club’s information management systems. Ruben and Lisa use information resources like the Intranet to help to keep their business running smoothly. By using the intranet it provides the club’s employees with access to information such as their schedules, medical and insurance forms, news and the company’s policies, which only the company’s employees can access and not the public (LaMee, 2002). The intranet also allows Ruben and Lisa to keep track of the number of employees which are at work and the times that they arrive and depart the club. The club uses the
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