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These business plans where well thought of and very successful. The one that stood out to me was the two men in a truck. Their undying loyalty to their customers created a name for her company that was unmatched at the time and they took the market by storm. It is ten times cheaper to keep a customer happy than it is to find another one. This woman’s down home approach to the business opportunity and her need to do things right, has created a multimillion dollar business. Her approach to maintaining a high performance and satisfactory business is to treat each and every customer as you would treat your own grandmother. This approach has changed the stereotype for moving company’s all over the
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Unformatted text preview: nation. These company where known for rude and rugged workers that are not careful or caring about the customers thoughts and feelings. This woman sends flowers to great their customers at their new home, she sends out cards to welcome them home. This woman also had a theory that if they paid for all damages to property throughout the move, she found that this created a great reputation and allowed her business to grow beyond her wildest dreams. This woman started selling franchises to her family and friends in other locations. After operating for 25 years she has sold 152 franchises for a coast of 35,000 dollars....
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