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Module 1: Cultural Imperialism Cultural imperialism is the active promotion of one cultural system at the expense of another. This was most severe in the colonial period when Europeans were spreading throughout the world. The Europeans did this sometimes even against the will of the indigenous people of that area. The Spanish spread throughout Latin America, the French spread its culture into parts of Africa, and the British spread into India. These countries pushed their own educational systems, their languages, and even administrative institutions replaced the old. (18) Today’s cultural imperialism is very different from the old, now cultural imperialism goes hand and hand with economic globalization. Examples of this different spreading of culture include McDonalds, MTV, and English being used as the dominant language on the internet. (18)
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Unformatted text preview: The reaction against cultural imperialism is cultural nationalism. This is the process of protecting and defending a countries cultural system against diluting or offensive cultural expressions while at the same time actively promoting national and local cultural values. France has tried to keep its music and film industries by requiring DJ’s to play a certain amount of French songs and artists each day. Muslim countries censor western influence by restricting certain TV programs from airing in those regions. (19) Many regions react to this collision by cultural syncretism or hybridization. India for example have taken many of the British traits and infused them with their own culture and applied them in their own way. (19)...
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