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Module 2: African and Caribbean links There are some very interesting ties between the Caribbean and Africa. Foremost is the transfer of African religions and magical systems to the Caribbean. These traditions from African religions in the Caribbean have evolved into unique forms that are clearly an offshoot of West African ones. The most prominent among them is voodoo in Haiti, Santeria in Cuba, and obeah in Jamaica. Each of these religious offshoots has their own priesthood and unique form of worship. Their impact is very prevalent, dictators of Haiti for example, the Duvalier’s, were known to hire voodoo priests to scare off their government competition.
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Unformatted text preview: Also the Caribbean has had close ties to Africa due to the slave trade triangles with the Americas. From 1500 to 1870 the slave trade was staggering. A total of 12 million Africans were shipped to the Americas. The Caribbean was the midway point for many of these slave traders. Because of this tragic movement of people there became a blending of people and culture in the Caribbean. Now music styles from rumba and jazz to the blues and rock and roll can be heard in the Caribbean. Some slave trading is still thought to go on in the Caribbean....
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