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Module 5: Discussion Central Asia. The destruction of the Ariel Sea is one of the worst tragedies in central Asia. The two main sources of water for the sea are the Amu Darya and Syr Darya rivers. These two rivers where diverted by the Soviet Union to form a major crop area in between the two rivers. As a result the Ariel Sea did not receive the amount of freshwater that it should have. The sea is being destroyed as a result, and fisheries employing 40,000 workers has had to close down. The sea is being dried up and the salt that remained from the water is being blown into nearby farm areas and causing a diminish in crop production. (287) Industrial pollution is also another serious problem in larger cities. Other environmental
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Unformatted text preview: problems in arid climates include desertification, salinization, and dessication Eastern Asia. I believe that Taiwan should be considered an independent country. After the republic of china was chased out of mainland china it sought refuge on the island of Taiwan. It has its own government, trades with neighboring countries, and was once recognized by the United States as an independent country. In 2008 in the Taiwanese presidential election the old nationalist party won the election, and governments of both People’s Republic of china and the republic of china held a policy of “mutual non-denial” in which they both recognized (unofficially) each other’s existence as separate states....
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