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Module 5-1 - fuels Uzbekistan is among these Mongolia went...

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Module 5: Central Asia During the communist reign over much of central Asia, economist tried to develop the economies across Europe. They built large factories across central Asia, despite the massive cost. When the Soviet Union dissolved, these central Asian countries lost the subsides that they were receiving from the soviets. As a result the industry in those regions collapsed, and the standard of living dropped. (303) Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Turkmenistan are benefiting from a vast supply of energy resources. Kazakhstan now is the most developed country in central Asia. Azerbaijan has attracted a lot of foreign investment due to its fossil fuel industry. Due to its weak infrastructure it remains a poor country. Turkmenistan is held back from development by its repressive government. (303) Many central Asian countries remain afloat solely because of its mineral resources, and fossil
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Unformatted text preview: fuels, Uzbekistan is among these. Mongolia went through an economic collapse after it lost subsidies from the Soviet Union, and fell even further when severe winters and summer droughts devastated livestock. (304) Afghanistan is plagued by war, corruption, crime, and poor infrastructure. It is the leading producer of narcotics; more than 90 percent of the world’s heroin is produced in Afghanistan. Over 100 million dollars every year goes to the Taliban from narcotics profits. (305) Many investors are attracted to central Asia because of its vast supply of natural resources. There are many major oil companies investing their time and money into these countries, some to develop their oil pipelines, and others to open up these fossil fuels to the west. (305)...
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