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Module 5: East Asia In Japan women have not benefitted from their countries success. Career opportunities for women are limited. Women, especially mothers, are expected to take care of their families and educate their children. Japanese men are often staying late at work to socialize with their coworkers, and have very little to do with child care. Due to japans economic slump, career opportunities for women are even scarcer. As a result some women in Japan seem to stop marrying, and because of this there has been an even more dramatic decline in its fertility rate. This shrinking population means that there are going to be a lot older people in the population, which means that Japanese retirees are going to have to be supported by smaller numbers of workers. Recently, for the first time, Japan saw more deaths than births. (336)
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Unformatted text preview: In China women have historically been in low positions. One of the worst traditions was foot binding. In the 1800s half of the women in china where deformed by the breaking and binding of their ankles, this sickening practice only stopped in the 20 th century. In some parts of china it was traditional for very young women to be married and taken away from their families. However some women in china achieved fame and fortune in pre-modern china. Differently from Japan, China under the nationalist and communist governments has been trying to promote equal rights. Many programs have been successful, and now women have a higher level of participation in the workforce. (167)...
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