Medical Records Documentation and Billing Checkpoint

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Compliance plans correlate to different medical records documentation standards in many different ways. There are steps that have to followed during this process. Compliance is put into coding and it is anything that satisfies the official requirements. Compliance is put into coding when the codes are assigned and they have to be checked for errors. The person has to make sure that everything is correct and this is part of the compliance. The steps that are talked about are in steps five and six. The compliance plans correlate with the medical records through the correct documentation and guidelines by collecting the correct information for medical examinations. The medical records are very important documents for the patients and physicians. The medical records have to be in compliance with billing as well, the records that are provided must give
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Unformatted text preview: correlating information that match with the codes of the charges that are billed for the services that are given. I think that all of the steps in the billing process would lie under the compliance plans. The compliance plans correlate with the documentation standards because everything must be documented for all legal and medical purposes. All of the information that is given must be correct and true. There is no room for error when you are documenting in medical situations it could be vital to someone’s life. There are many legal repercussions that can occur if there is some false information on the patients or physicians part. It is very important that all of the information is correct when it comes to compliance and when you are documenting. When documenting the patient’s information of any kind it should be included in this correlation....
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