Describing CPT Coding Categories

Describing CPT Coding Categories - simply used to look at...

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Describing CPT Coding Categories When coming up with buzzwords or slogans that best describe the three CPT code categories I believe it would be as follows. Category I code: I would say explain it in five numbers. Category II code: There are no free options. Category III code: Temporary technology services and procedures (TTSP). The types of services and procedures that is included in the three CPT categories are some what simple. First of all CPT stands for (Current Procedure Terminology) and they are five digit codes and they can stand for many things, they can include procedure, treatment, and diagnosis. There are three categories of CPT codes, and the first code is widely used in the medical field. This code is dealing with regular procedures and they include surgery, labs, x-rays, and many more things. An example would be, a patient coming in and being evaluated for management of a new patient it would be code 99204. The second category of CPT codes they are used in compliance with HIPAA and they
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Unformatted text preview: simply used to look at the performance and the quality of care that is given. The most important part would be the quality of the collection of the information so they can be sure there are no mistakes made. An example would be the use of tobacco and they need to seek some type of counseling it would be code 0004F. The third category of CPT would be used only for data collection and the tracking of new procedures and services. The codes can sometimes be temporary and some research. Category three can also be turned into a category one if the procedure that is being performed has been in the medical field for five years. An example of category three would be an Endovascular repair Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm or dissection it would be code0001T. After it all said and done the codes are very important and if they are not used in the correct way someone will lose their job and there will be a lot of patients hurt and disappointed....
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Describing CPT Coding Categories - simply used to look at...

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