Chapter 8 Summary PHY111

Chapter 8 Summary PHY111 - required to fin the torque...

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The main point of chapter eight is torque and angular momentum. Within this main topic the book also talks about rotational kinetic energy and inertia. The book also goes into great detail on torque. The book also revisits the subject of equilibrium. Newton’s second law is reintroduced but in rotational form. The book then discusses rolling objects and angular momentum. The easiest subject for me to grasp was rotational kinetic energy. The equation was very similar to the other equations for kinetic energy and will thus make it easier to master the second time around. The most difficult subject to grab would have to be torque. It is a fairly simple concept but there is great detail that goes into finding it. There are a large number of parts
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Unformatted text preview: required to fin the torque, making it the most difficult subject of chapter eight. The most interesting subject of chapter eight would be equilibrium. I enjoyed learning about this in previous chapters and will make it even more exciting the second time around. The least interesting subject in chapter eight was the angular momentum. This was fairly simple of a concept but I was not very interested in the subject. The one lingering question that I have is about torque on rolling objects. I have a general grasp on torque when it is talking about a board or flat object but when a circular object is used in its place I am getting confused....
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