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ENY Study Questions- 2 - Study Questions for Exam 2 Fall...

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Study Questions for Exam 2 Fall 2009 These questions ONLY from text readings Chapter 7 1. What was the original definition of “parasite”? One who eats at the table of another, repaying him with flattery or buffoonery; a sycophant; a hanger on. 2. What is a protelean parasite? Pro(before) telos(end)-parasitic only in the larval stages 3. What is an accessory gland? 4. What are the only 3 groups of conspicuous mammals not to suffer from parasites? Cetaceans(whales and dolphins), sea cows (manatees), scaly pangolins 5. What is a “pool feeder”? Parasite that pierces through tissue causing free flow bleeding and the insect laps up the blood 6. Can arthropods survive on mammal tears? Some may 7. What is a “maggot” and to what specific group of insects does it belong? A maggot is the hatchling of fly; Dermatobia hominis 8. What is the major source of injury caused to humans by arthropods? Envenomization 9. How do venoms and poisons differ? Venoms are used to obtain prey 10. Are the lice associated with human biting lice or sucking lice? Sucking lice 11. What is a crab louse? How can you get it?
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P. pubis suggests it can be found in the pubic region with claw-like vises that wrap around shafts of course hair; transferred through intimate contact, or from when they are off the host for short periods of time 12. What is pediculosis? A genus associated with primates exclusively-3 to 4 species; body louse infestation that can cause discoloration (vagabonds disease) 13. What is typhus and how is it transmitted? How does this relate to Joachim of Brandenburg in Hungary in 1592?
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ENY Study Questions- 2 - Study Questions for Exam 2 Fall...

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