Exam Notes - o Literary forms such as poetry fiction and...

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DuBois' concept of double consciousness o The crux of black Americans’ struggle to identify themselves and the crucible in which their African and American identities could be merged into a unity of which they and the nation could be proud o Seeing yourself through the eyes of others The Title "Souls of Black Folk" depicting a spiritual necessity that is unaddressed in simple economic programs o Dedication to spiritual ideals in becoming “co-workers in the kingdom of culture” o Distinctive artistic traditions, expressive culture, and communal values were considered the soul of the black folk in the US o As a literary accomplice he believed that psychologically Blacks had to connect to society through the arts DuBois' history of black leadership o Pivotal role in the Niagara Movement- NAACP o Taught at Wilberforce University o Research @ UPenn o Established Crisis his first magazine His disagreement with Booker T. Washington
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Unformatted text preview: o Literary forms such as poetry, fiction, and introspective impressionistic prose were his vehicles o Booker was unoriginal the Free Negroes and American Missionary Association o Attaining advancement in society would not be through making yourself subservient to the Whites, and accepting the Black status as ignorant and inefficient; it is through firm protest and respectful action that the goal will be achieved The south isn’t justified in its attitude towards the negro because of the Negroe’s degradation vs slavery and race prejudice are reasonable means to be upset by Failure in education has cause Negro downfall vs industrial and common-school training were awaiting students to come out of college His future rides solely on his own efforts vs he must have support and be encouraged by his fellow Negro...
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Exam Notes - o Literary forms such as poetry fiction and...

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