Betty Boop - Sabine Justilien In a classic tale of Whos the...

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Sabine Justilien In a classic tale of “Who’s the fairest in the land”, Max Fleisher, along with his brothers, introduces a seductive caricature of animated proportions. Betty Boop, in Snow White and Minnie the Moocher, bear a semblance to the idea that many cartoon theorist declare as a divergence from realistic projections to hyper-real and sometimes surreal prototypes. The implications that sound brought to the graphic narrative were no minute ones; more synchronization had to be arranged in order to make an effective animated story. In both cartoons, Cab Calloway sets the divergence from the already whimsical storyline of Betty and creates a new focus that expands on the ability of animators to reinforce the actual ‘person’s’ newfound voice. But it is in Snow White that we see the emergence of music in a memorable and highly functional capacity as it applies to characters within the film. Originally as a half human half canine hybrid, Betty Boop appeared in a 1930 Talkartoon as an interest to the Bimbo caricature. Progressively Betty Boop has made it to the mainstream, star-of-the-show stature that epitomizes a cartoon so unlike that of Disney, as Leonard Maltin denotes. The voluptuous woman defied the modest and child oriented Disney genre and formally introduced her audience to clever and humorous exploits. In Snow White, Betty is enthusiastically joined by Koko the clown and Bimbo, all notably evolved from their original conceptions. In particular, the once silent Koko completely takes over the screen and is reinforced like never before through music by Cab Holloway. He has made a transition from silent cartoon to absolutely interjecting on Betty Boop’s plight and morphing in time with the music. What makes this cartoon revolutionary, in comparison to say Steamboat Willie, is the fact that the auditory additives are not put on top of the live action picture but that the animations
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Betty Boop - Sabine Justilien In a classic tale of Whos the...

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