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Practice Questions � Exam 1 - Practice Questions If...

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Practice Questions – If you can do these questions (in addition to the questions on the homework) you will be able to pass the exam. Short Answer 1. Critically analyze this conclusion as it is stated here: A new study found that after fairly vigorous workouts, adults who were in generally good health, but not normally physically active, gained the most muscle mass but also had the highest levels of the “bad” cholesterol—low-density lipoprotein (LDL). “It shows that you do need a certain amount of LDL to gain more muscle mass,” says Steve Riechman, assistant professor of health and kinesiology at Texas A&M University. 2. Explain why MHC class I receptors are important in the immune response. 3. In class, we generated a list of several advantages of being multicellular versus unicellular. Give an example of one of these benefits and describe an organ system responsible for this function in comparison with how a unicellular organism gets it done. 4. Compare and contrast the alimentary canal of a carnivore, such as a tiger, to that of an herbivore, such as a deer. Provide two similarities and two differences. 5. Why is blood pressure in the systemic circuit higher than in the pulmonary circuit? 6. Explain why oxygen binding to the iron atoms in a hemoglobin molecule is an example of positive feedback. 7. Draw a simple schematic showing the flow of blood throughout the body starting at the right atrium. 8. Name two factors that limit the size of insects and explain. 9. Using your knowledge of partial pressure gradients, explain why most humans need supplemental oxygen to climb Mt. Everest. 10. Draw a diagram of the avian lung system and explain why respiration in birds is so efficient.
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Practice Questions � Exam 1 - Practice Questions If...

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