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Unformatted text preview: heir cost low. The use of an aggregator is simply cheaper to them, as it lowers transaction costs. The aggregator is called Asgard Wealth Solutions1 and has its headquarters in Perth. Asgard plays many roles in this supply chain. First of all, it offers an Internet‐based platform for the management of investment accounts. Secondly, on this platform it provides access to a wide range of investment products (e.g. about 400 investment funds), which can be ordered on‐ line. Aggregator does a lot of negotiations with the funds managers and gives access to these funds. Thirdly, Asgard provided research and information on investment products (rat‐ ings, advice etc.) and other market information. For $RU, this platform plays an important role. Whenever the financial planners set up an account for a new customer, they do so on the aggregator’s online platform. Then, products are ordered and placed in the customer account and the customer is provided with login data, so that they can view their funds and progression of their financial portfolio online. 1 http://www.asgardwealthsolutions.com.au/advisers/for_advisers.html Faculty of Economics & Business Discipline of Business Information Systems Page 4 $RU Teaching Case (INFS1000) by Dr. Kai Riemer While Asgard views $RU as one of their larger clients, for Murray the aggregator is mainly important for transaction facilitation, for which they charge a fee to the customer accounts. Asgard however is pushing for a larger role as it wants to extent its reporting business and to provide more value adding services, for which they want to charge extra fees for. Who else is involved? Besides the aggregator and the funds management companies there are also other busines‐ ses that deliver important services as part of $RU’s value creation. For example, an import‐ ant relationship exists with a company, which provides the licensing for the financial plan‐ ning business....
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