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Unformatted text preview: $RU Teaching Case (INFS1000) by Dr. Kai Riemer Part 4: Ethical issues $RU is growing, not only in terms of bringing in new financial planners, but also in terms of its client base. Murray has decided that it is finally time to get serious about creating an In ­ formation System to keep track of its growing client base and the associated data. After dis ­ cussions with both Kerrie and his good friend Martin Skyesdale, the IT consultant, Murray has come to the conclusion that they need to manage client data and the most important documents with the help of a database. Already an ERD has been developed and presented, which looks very promising. Murray is excited about the prospect of having convenient stor ­ age and easy access to all client data, regardless of the $RU office location. Once the data ­ base is in place, all office will be hooked up to the server via a secure virtual private network, which allows accessing the $RU Intranet and its client data from both offices. Murray likes the idea as this opened the prospect of opening a new office in the future. At the same time however, Kerrie is getting increasingly worried about how the company will deal with its client data once everything is electronic. Much of the client data is highly sensitive and private information. During the discovery meetings the clients essentially let the planners in on their financial lives. They lay open their financial and private situation completely. The clients utter a lot of sensitive details during the meetings, and they provide many confidential documents. This requires the building of a strong trust relationship be ­ tween the financial planner and the client. For example, some clients might have trouble with the tax office, others might pay alimonies for an illegitimate child that no one in the family knows about. Understandably, clients are very concerned that this information stays between them and the financial planner. Kerrie knows that $RU, with its business processes and the ways in which it handles client data, needs to live up to the trust the clients vest in the company. Today, all client information is kept in a physical file, which is then locked away safely every day in a fireproof filing cabinet. How is this going to work once all information is kept elec ­ tronically? While those kinds of matters had been heavily regulated in the bank environment where they worked previously, $RU doesn’t have any policy for this kind of situation yet. Kerrie is wondering what potential issues could arise when it comes to client data. She knows that in order to figure out how to deal with any potential risk, she firstly needed to gain a better understanding what could actually happen. But how could she get a structured overview of any potential ethical issues? Faculty of Economics & Business Discipline of Business Information Systems Page 1 ...
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