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Unformatted text preview: Faculty of Economics and Business Discipline of Business Information Systems INFS1000: Digital Business Innovation TBL Group Activity Sheet Group code Tutor: SID Name Contribution Signature Contribution: out of 100%, 100% means participation in all activities. Signature: Do not sign for other group members, as this is regarded as serious academic misconduct. If incorrect: Please correct any information provided in the table above. Activity W2(2): Learning to describe Business Processes Imagine going to the Movies. Now, switch seats and think about the Cinema operator. Clearly, they need a good understanding of what needs to be done to let people in to the Cinema to see their preferred movie. For example, when they train new or casual staff they need to describe in detail to them the PROCESS of customer admission to the cinema. 1. Identify at least seven steps and draw a simple model of the admission process Please note that the following is ONE possible solution. This is not the only possible solution of how to represent and structure that process. The idea is not to provide you with the ONE and ONLY correct solution, but give an indication of what we were looking for: Check age restriction of chosen movie Verify customer age Check availability of seats for chosen movie date Allocate seat Ask customer if happy with alocatted seat? Process payment Print ticket Verify ticket at the entry door Of course there might also be some checks and Yes/No options, such as: 1. Check age restriction of movie: if Yes then proceed to Verify age, otherwise go to Seats availability. 2. Same for allocated seats: If customer happy go to Process payment, otherwise Allocate seat again. 3. Of course there might also be questions from operator if customer wants popcorn, drinks, after the allocation of ticket … there can be another process there  ­ Buy drinks, popcorn, etc. 2. How can this process be supported with IS? For a good case of how such a process can be supported/automated with an IS, have a look at: http://www.eventcinemas.com.au/ Check: Group colour: Page 1 / 1 ...
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