Week6-Activity2-discussion - Faculty of Economics and...

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Unformatted text preview: Faculty of Economics and Business Discipline of Business Information Systems INFS1000: Digital Business Innovation TBL Group Activity Sheet Activity W6(2): BIS Ethics Check: Marked ? No. Page 1 / 1 Problem 1: You work as a LAN (Local Area Network) administrator with full rights to a local file server in your company. You work for an IT department and do not supervise any other staff. This morning Susan, a manager of another department in your company, stopped by and said: I am very concerned that one of my team members John Smith is spending his time visiting non-work related Internet sites. Will you please use your administrator rights and check via computer on what he is doing and let me know as soon as possible? You have heard about the same thing about John from other co-workers. Also, you do not particularly get along with him. You feel that it would benefit your company for this colleague to be let go. Possible answers: You face the following ethical dilemma:- Give Susan the requested information. This would benefit your company and you personally. Or- Follow ethical practices related to employee privacy. Just because you have access (administrator) rights to the file server, this does not mean that you can give this highly personal information to anyone who asks (including company managers). In this case, Susan is not your manager. BIS ethics: Information privacy (employee monitoring) In addition to info. privacy, this case could also involve the info. accessibility issue. Possible actions to take:- Report Susans request to your supervisor;- Ask Susan to make a formal request via your supervisor- Check the current organisational policy related to employee monitoring....
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Week6-Activity2-discussion - Faculty of Economics and...

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