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Adv_Standing_Credit_Exemption - Admission Advanced Standing...

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Admission: Advanced Standing, Credit and Exemption Policy Approved by: Academic Board on 15 April 1998 Revision approved by: Academic Board on 10 March 2009 Date of effect: 11 March 2009 1. Introduction The following resolutions of the Academic Board must be read in conjunction with the University of Sydney (Amendment Act) Rule 1999 Part 9: Admission to Courses, Division 8 and the University of Sydney (Coursework) Rule 2000. 2. Recognition of Institutions and Programs Recognition of institutions and programs under these policies and procedures is the responsibility of the Undergraduate and Graduate Studies Committees of the Academic Board. 3. Definitions University As defined by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations, a University means a body: 1. that is established as a university, or recognised as a university, by or under a law of the Commonwealth, a State, the Australian Capital Territory or the Northern Territory, and 2. meets nationally agreed criteria for a university. Course means a structured academic program leading to the award of a degree, diploma or certificate of the University. Unit of Study (a unit) means a stand-alone component of a course. Advanced Standing is the formal acknowledgment by the University - generally through the granting of credit - of previous academic attainment by students prior to their enrolment in their current course. Advanced standing can be granted in the form of credit points which count towards the requirements for the course. Credit Advanced standing may be granted as specific credit or non- specific credit. Specific credit is the recognition of previously completed studies as directly equivalent to a unit of study at the University of Sydney (e.g. specific credit is given for Physics 1 [PHYS1001] at the University of Sydney for Physics 1 taken at the University of Adelaide.). Non-specific credit takes the form of a block credit for a specified number of credit points at a particular level e.g.
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the University of Sydney does not teach Russian but credit may be given towards the degree of Bachelor of Arts for full first year study in Russian taken at the University of New South Wales, as 12 Junior credit points; or a student may be granted 48 junior credit points for the first year of an Arts degree completed at another Australian tertiary institution. These credit points may be in a particular subject area. Non- specific credit is not linked to a specific unit of study at this University. Exemption A student taking a particular unit of study is normally required to attend all prescribed lectures, seminars, tutorials and practical work. On the basis of previous study a student can, however, be exempted from completing parts of the prescribed work for a particular unit of study within a course. Waiver
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Adv_Standing_Credit_Exemption - Admission Advanced Standing...

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