Chapter 4 Summary PHY111

Chapter 4 Summary PHY111 - equation to use when The topic...

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The main focus of chapter four is forces and motion in two dimensions. This includes movement along a line, free fall, and projectile motion. The chapter also explains air resistance and thee effects it has on all objects that are in motion. The apparent weight of an object is also explained in chapter four. Lastly chapter four shows you the graphical representations of objects with constant motion. The thing that I liked most about the chapter was learning about air resistance. Air resistance is something that interests me because I enjoy competitive cycling and air resistance plays a major role in the sport. The concept that I like the least about this chapter was the motion along a line. There are several equations that are involved with it and I am having a tough time understand that
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Unformatted text preview: equation to use when. The topic that is the most difficult to understand is also the motion along a line and the various equations that are involved with it. The topic that I feel was the easiest to understand was apparent weight. I think that it was the easiest concept of the chapter because it involved the lease amount of math in order to arrive at an answer. I am having a tough time understand when to use what equation for motion. There are several different ones and it seemed like in class you used different ones to do similar problems. Does it matter which equation you use or can you use the one that you are most comfortable with?...
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