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Family - Lesson 3 -  500 Words How do you define the word family? Each person has their own meaning of what makes up a family. With that  explanation comes a different sense or feeling for how a family is made up. Some people say a spouse, children, mother,  father, brother, sister or grandparents. They correct, yet the word family means much more than that. Family can be broken down into three layers, the immediate, extended and inclusive family. These three layers are integral in teaching us to be responsible, accountable and nurturing while shaping our growth as men or women and to a further extent representatives of our selected service. For me the immediate family is made up of my closest loved ones, in this case my wife of 13 years and our two boys. For those that have not found your life- long partner yet, their immediate family could mean their parents, grandparents or siblings. This layer refers to the people whom you trust the most, the individuals who you feel safe with your inner most secrets. In return these loved ones are the ones who provide us with the guidance and sage advice which shapes our lives and establishes our foundation as young adults. Thus, these are the people who provide us with that sense of responsibility and understanding of what is right and wrong. Inherently we always want to do right by them ensuring we do not disappoint them with our
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Family - FamilyLesson3500Words

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