Political Parties - Part 2 Research Paper Political Parties...

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Part 2 Research Paper – Political Parties At the beginning of this country it wasn't necessary to be in a political party. George Washington didn't label himself as a Federalist or a Republican and he was the only president unanimously voted into office by the Electoral College. This is not possible today. The Republican and Democratic parties have become influential today. A political party is a group of individuals with broad common interests who organize to nominate candidates for office, win elections, conduct government, and determine public policy. Although minor parties exist, two major parties dominate the government. These nations include the United States. In the United States, there are the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. The two-party political system helps keep the government of the United States strong. Political parties mediate the relationship between citizens and their government. In democracies with competitive party systems, political parties pressure governments to respond to the needs and interests of broad segments of the population. With only two major political parties pressuring the government in the United States, the needs of the general public are looked at more carefully and with more interest. If many parties bring issues to the government, no matter how small, less attention will be paid to the major issues concerning the well being of the citizens of the United States. People like to know that their ideas and opinions are important. In a political party, most of the members share the same ideas and opinions. With only two major parties, most of the opinions and ideas are very general. This makes it easier for United States citizens to feel like they "fit in". The two-party system filters out the extreme elements that are present in other party systems. The multiparty system brings the extreme and radical elements into the government process.
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Political Parties - Part 2 Research Paper Political Parties...

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