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Political Parties and Voting

Political Parties and Voting - Lesson 5 Journal Republicans...

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Lesson 5 Journal Republicans have a conservative platform. They have a mixture of economic libertarianism and social conservatism and they lean towards the religious right. They believe laws should be made by the legislature and that the courts should not make laws from the bench, as in the Roe v Wade abortion ruling. They support a free-market economy and limited government regulation. They support businesses, economic liberalism and economic freedom. They want lower income tax rates and graduated tax rates. They think that a 'safety net' should be provided for those who are needy, but believe it should be provided by the private sector rather than the government. They want to privatize social security funds management. They are against a single-payer universal health care system. They prefer personal- or employer-based insurance system with the Medicare and Medicaid. They oppose strict environmental regulation because it hurts business. They are against same-sex marriage and gay rights, racial quotas,
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