Greenhouse Effect

Greenhouse Effect - 3-4 pages Parenthetical citations...

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3-4 pages Parenthetical citations within text of paper crediting sources of information and/or quotation of sources in proper MLA format, Variety of sources – books, magazines, Internet Works cited/bibliography in proper MLA format The average global temperature has been steadily increasing for more than a century. Our planet has gone through periods of cold and then periods of much warmer temperatures. Recent human activities are thought to be significantly contributing to these fluctuations. This gradual rise of the Earth's temperature, often called global warming, is caused by this greenhouse effect. XX Explain what the greenhouse effect is and how it occurs. XX Name three primary gases involved in the greenhouse effect and explain how they are released into the atmosphere. XX Explain how the greenhouse effect is beneficial to today's society. XX Discuss why scientists are concerned that more greenhouse gases trapped in the atmosphere will result in global warming. XX Explain some consequences associated with a warmer Earth. XX Name at least three areas where today's society could help to reduce these effects. Explain how the actions of law enforcement, legislators, and people around the globe could help reduce any negative impacts that the greenhouse effect has on the environment. The Greenhouse Effect is how the atmosphere traps heat from the sun. It is what makes the Earth’s climate warm and relatively stable. You can look at Mars and Venus, Earth’s two closest
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Greenhouse Effect - 3-4 pages Parenthetical citations...

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