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Inventions - Coffee Maker - Lesson Five Assignment Using...

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Lesson Five – Assignment Using the multi-step Process Writing method, write a (minimum) 500-word essay or short story, or a five-stanza poem using Cause and Effect. If the poem is free verse (non-rhyming), it must be at least 400 words long. (You may also incorporate other methods of development in your writing, but Cause and Effect must be the major method used.) 1. The ethnic makeup of a neighborhood 2. Some minor discovery or invention 3. The popularity of a modern singer or celebrity 4. The popularity of a fad 5. The widespread fascination of something 6. The widespread enjoyment of fishing or hunting 7. Student cheating 8. Too much pressure for good grades 9. Your being a member of some minority, ethnic or religious group 10. Your association (as an outsider) with member of a group 11. The decision of some close acquaintances to enter a religious life 12. Some unreasonable fear or anxiety that afflicts you or someone you know 13. The reluctance of women today to enter what used to be primarily a “women’s” professions such as nursing 14. Your tendency towards individualism 15. Popularity of computer games 16. Mainstreaming of handicapped children
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Inventions - Coffee Maker - Lesson Five Assignment Using...

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