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Chapter 5 Review CON252 - 5 Steel beams and laminated beams...

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3. The main difference between balloon framing and platform framing is the length of the studs. In balloon framing the studs are full length. This makes them hard to handle. In platform framing the studs are shorter, therefore easier to handle. The second main disadvantage to balloon framing is that the second story is attached to the outside studs. This makes it difficult t build the second floor as there is no platform to stand on. This is why platform framing as gained a foothold because the stories are built separate of each other therefore creating a platform to work on while constructing the second floor. 4. The reason a fire stop is not need when using platform framing is because the platform creates a natural fire stop. With balloon framing the fire can expand quickly because there are single studs.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Steel beams and laminated beams are preferred to solid wood beams because they are easier to work with. Longer spans can be accomplished with glue-laminated beams because they can be custom made to a specific length. With solid wood beams a tree must be found that s long enough to accomplish the span. 6. Platform framed buildings have special bracing to combat wind and earthquake forces. These bracings include special clips and extra 2 x 4 that run diagonally throughout the framing. 7. Building codes take into account the highly combustible natural of light wood framing by requiring different types of fire prevent methods. One method is a firewall. The firewall is a wall that is constructed of a non-combustible material that separates structures in order to help slow the spread of the fire....
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