Ethical Dilemmas Related to Standards

Managerial Accounting (2nd Edition)

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Ethical Dilemmas Related to Standards 1. C10-78 Issue One Confidentiality is the big issue in this case. Landers should get permission from the controller before disclosing any company data. The IMA Statement of Ethical Professional Practice, says Landers should not disclose confidential firm information unless it is authorized. He doesn’t want to disclose the data for his own personal gain, but to get industry benchmarks to help the company set standard costs. The IMA competence standard is not correctly interpreted if he really thinks that he is required to get this information to adhere to it. Benchmark data can come from other sources. It can be bought from Willis Benchmarking Associates or another company without giving up confidential company information. They need companies to trust them and give them data that may be confidential. They then put that data together and sell it. To be trusted in the benchmarking business they need to make sure the companies they deal with know that the data they provide will only be sold as aggregate
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