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Axia College Material Appendix E Hindu Terms Map Word What is your personal understanding of each of these terms? After reading the text, how would you redefine each of them? What differences did you find between the popular usage and actual definitions? Karma I think karma means that our actions have consequences that we will have to pay for either in this life or the next. The text meaning is our actions and their effects on this life and lives to come. There is not a difference between what I thought and the actual meaning of the word karma. Reincarnatio n Reincarnation to me means that a soul has multiple lives. When a person dies their soul then goes to their next life to be reborn. The text explains reincarnation is when a person dies their soul will leave that body and enter a new one to be reborn countless times. Also a soul can be reborn in an animal or something else. The difference is I thought a soul was reborn into a new human body, but it can be reborn into any living
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Unformatted text preview: thing. Yoga I think yoga is a type of meditation and exercise. The chapter says yoga is the practices of people who desire to have a state of balance, purity, wisdom, and peacefulness of their minds. The difference is yoga not only about meditation and exercise, but also attaining a state of peace and harmony in your mind, also accomplishing the ability to control breathing, and a person moral values. Guru I think a guru is a spiritual leader of people who practice Hinduism. According to the text a guru is a spiritual teacher or advisor. A guru is also loved and honored as a The difference is a guru is not only looked to for guidance, but also they are loved by their disciples. HUM 130 spiritual parent. Chakras Chakras are the locations of the energies of the body, from the top of a person’s head to their groin. After reading the text my definition of chakras is the same. There is no difference. HUM 130...
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hum_130_appendix_e[1] - thing. Yoga I think yoga is a type...

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