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Lecture I– The Origins of Life I I. Early Earth Conditions A. Time-line of earth formation B. Reducing atmosphere II. How Did Life Start A. origin of life outline, “From organics to cells” 1. Abiotic synthesis of simple organic molecules a. Miller/ Urey experiments b. Hydrothermal vents c. Extraterrestrial origins? 2. Monomers to polymers a. Clay minerals facilitate polymer formation 3. Self Replication
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Unformatted text preview: a. RNA- the original unit of heredity 1. Self replicates 2. Self splices 3. Catalyzes 4. Possess a phenotype and genotype 4. Protobionts a. Coacervates b. Liposomes III. The history of Life A. First cells appear ~3.5BYA B. The first chemoautotrophs 1. Sulfur (hydrothermal vents) 2. Methane (cold seeps) C. The first photoautotrophs 1. Stromatolites (3.5 BYA)...
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