Lecture 4 - Origin of species II

Lecture 4 - Origin of species II - A. Allopatric versus...

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Lecture 4 – Origins of the Species II I. Reproductive Isolation A. Pre-zygotic barriers i. Premating a. Habitat isolation b. Temporal Isolation c. Behavioral Isolation ii. Postmating prezygotic a. mechanical isolation b. gametic isolation B. Post-zygotic barriers i. Reduced hybrid viability ii. reduced hybrid fertility iii. hybrid breakdown II. What is a species? A. The biological species concept B. Associated problems with BSC III. Patterns of speciation
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Unformatted text preview: A. Allopatric versus sympatric B. Anagenesis versus cladogenesis IV. The pace of evolution A. Gradualism a. Gaps in fossil record prevents assessment of speciation rate in many lineages i. Wrong environment ii. Soft bodies iii. Episodic /local fossilization iv. Fossils lost B. Punctuated equilibrium - suggests that gaps in fossil record not actually gaps; but very rapid evolution not captured as fossils....
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