Chapter 5 Summary PHY111

Chapter 5 Summary PHY111 - that is mainly the only time...

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Chapter five deals with primarily with circles and the motion that is involved with circles. This includes Circular motion, radial acceleration, centripetal acceleration, banked and un-banked turns, circular orbits, non-uniform circular motion, tangential and angular acceleration, and artificial gravity that can be created by circular motion. The thing that I enjoyed reading about the most in this chapter was the banked and un- banked turns. I have had somewhat of an understanding of this from my racing experience and now it all makes even more sense. The thing that I liked least about this chapter was the circular orbits section. This concept takes a lot of math and I am sill struggling with grasping some of the mathematical concepts needed. I also do not have an interest in the planets and I think
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Unformatted text preview: that is mainly the only time orbital motion is used. The topic that was the hardest to understand was the non-uniform circular motion. This concept sounded hard even before I began to read about it. There are several different equations that are used and remembering what to use where will prove to be difficult. The easiest topic to understand would also have to be the banked and un-banked turns. I think that this was the easiest because it was one of the few concepts that on a very basic level is common sense and that helped me to have a better understanding of what was happening. Non-uniform circular acceleration still has me baffled. I do not understand the equations or what information is needed to solve them. I also do not understand how to apply Newtons second law to the picture....
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