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Exam 3 Study Guide BSC 2010 Professor Thomas Fall 2010 Chapter 12 - Mitosis: end = 2 daughter cell with same # of chromosomes, stuff you started with always there - Somatic cells (body cells) o ALWAYS diploid o 2n=46 (n=# of chromosomes) - Sex cells: gametes, haploid, n=23 - Telomere = “ends” of chromosomes o 4 per chromosome (diploid), 2 per chromosome (haploid) o “cell clocks” that govern length of cell life o shorten with each division, after 20-50 times give signal to stop dividing - Factors Affecting Cell Division: o Anchorage Dependence: cells won’t divide unless in contact with a solid surface o Density Dependent Inhibition: Division stops when cells touch o Cancer cells don’t exhibit density Dependent Inhibition Telomerase keeps telomeres lengthened = never stop growing Radiation & Chemotherapy: disrupts cell division - MITOSIS - Mitotic Phase: o Prophase: chromatin chromosomes, DNA visible, membrane dissolves o Metaphase: spindle forms, chromosomes aligned with centromeres on metaphase plate o Anaphase: sister chromatids separate , migrate towards poles o Telophase: cell starts to pull apart, chromosomes chromatin o Cytokinesis: cleavage furrow formed, eventually divides the cells - Interphase o G1: cell grows, increases proteins o S: DNA synthesis o G2: cell increases proteins, checks for damage
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BSC2010 Exam 3 Notes - Exam 3 Study Guide BSC 2010...

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