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Write a brief summary of the basic intentions and expectations of the Kyoto Accord including an evaluation of Canada's response to the Accord. Then, investigate the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference held recently and outline the outcome of that conference. Comparing the two attempts to restrict greenhouse gas emissions would be a bonus! The Kyoto Accord brought great discussion and controversy to the many countries it has been proposed to. This accord is essentially a proposition that was assembled in order to assist in reducing the worlds overall greenhouse gas emissions. By reduc There has been great discussion and controversy over something that has recently been proposed to Canadians. This something is the Kyoto Accord. The Kyoto Accordis a doctrine that was put together to help reduce the amount
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Unformatted text preview: of greenhouse gas emissions and therefore reduce the global warming phenomenon. If Canada was to agree with the Kyoto Protocol it would mean we would have to cut down greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2010. Many say this number is not achievable without devastating our current economy. Others say that we can do this if we try hard and cut back on many of the things we enjoy and have come to depend on. The fact is that Canada is not in a state of readiness to commit itself to the propositions of theKyoto Accord because there is no set plan of action to reduce greenhouse gasses and there is no room in our budget to implement these plans. The signing of the Kyoto Accord would not be in the best interest of Canadians....
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