FINAL GALILEOs ESSAY - Galileo Galilei was an Italian...

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Galileo Galilei was an Italian scientist who is widely recognized for his significant role in the Scientific Revolution. Galileo lived from February 1564 - January 1642 1 . Through his years, his principle achievements and discoveries altered our overall depiction of science. He made substantial discoveries in both pure fundamental science and practical applied science. His contributions to observational astronomy and science as a whole include perfecting the astronomical telescope, discovering the four moons revolving around Jupiter, as well as confirming the phases of planet Venus. Based on these various discoveries and observations, Galileo was chiefly responsible for the creation of modern sciences. In 1609, Galileo perfected the existing astronomical telescope. As Hans Lippershey was the initial creator of the telescope, Galileo was the first to perfect the astronomical telescope and use it to study the universe and discover planets 1 . As Galileo created the first refracting telescope where the primary lens was convex and the second lens was concave, he made a remarkable discovery regarding the relationship between distance and the telescope lenses 2 . In his first discovery, he came to a conclusion that the greater the distance is between the lenses, the clearer
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FINAL GALILEOs ESSAY - Galileo Galilei was an Italian...

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