Strain Theory - high school students especially those that...

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Daphney Marc 7-16-2011 SYP 3520 Blumenstein Strain Theory According to Strain Theory, people are highly influenced by society’s norms and beliefs, thus causing a majority of individuals to share the same values and goals. Our youth such as high school students, are taught at a young age the importance and significance of graduating from high school, and moving on to college. Many high school students of lower status undergo problematic circumstances, causing them to drop out. Students that come from low economic back rounds have the same values and ambitions as those that come from higher levels of social class but lack the support and motivation to do well in school, thus leading them to dropout of school. This article titled “The Effect of Negative Emotion on Licit and Illicit Drug Use Among High School Dropouts: An Empirical Test On General Strain Theory” explains how emotion amongst
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Unformatted text preview: high school students, especially those that have dropped out, may trigger their usage of drugs. The article explains the many different responses to strain, from anger to depression. Students who dropout of high school tend to reach a drop in self esteem as well as higher rates of depression, and parents negative reactions towards their dropping out do not make the situation any easier, causing more conflict. So therefore these dropouts turn to drugs as a means of coping. The article also goes as far as to explain gender differences to strain. Females are more likely than males to deal with depression with non-criminal behavior. Finally, the article concludes that the General Strain Theory may only be associated with mainly anger, due to the lack of evidence of what causes these negative emotions. Daphney Marc 7-16-2011 SYP 3520 Blumenstein...
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Strain Theory - high school students especially those that...

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