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I~O (I/~ 3, l6 100 (1/5 L1't" flows ptJ.>t a b ~ I J, Lv he T\ I-Ni. b q 1/ i > n D + c. en fe' e d,l f h e Ve Ib c ,", ! () f 0. I r ;' .5 :J reC/ Ie r- tJt') (JrJe side, near tire cenKI'. Defer/'V\il1e +he pre~$cJ,. .e J .. (kren ce J p~ - P, ~e- ~ we.fl"" V 2. f V, . N eJ Ie ,3- ;) (t:A. V / '/ I ~'If\d I/I>C(}V~ e {:.fec Is. I H (7 t..V c:l
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Unformatted text preview: tJ ~s +-h ,-5 h e / p k ee p ~ ¢>ttll cenkred.? 2. I I Water f low~ ~ th ("()~ A ctJIl"e'f':J;"J -d/ vet!),'''J n02. .z e l. l)e + er h-\ ;ne '. V-0 I V rn e /. , ;c .{ /&>\IU td f. e -he}:;h1 1 H of 4-he. P j 1-0 t iu be ViS(~(;> e f(e".J.,S are 'rtcJ kgd J Ie __ __-L-____________________________ __ ~ ~ ~...
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