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Q6soln - :J.D i" oyf7ide wo •• VlC",V D-i~Side...

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Q \J i z 6 So Iv tlO n (8 H) i VI (0 M P re ? ~ I' J, Ie , ~ low l V\. * Note, (\'\tl~? appears hO+ co t\ 5 e r 'i e tI I.N ; I-h ,.~ 5 p~ c f 1-0 ~ -t y, b v f ~ f to IN 0 r ,'n r./ n I f e ei< te171- pleAse 90/V(; f"V\.OWletJlvWl In
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Unformatted text preview: ':J.D .. i" oyf7ide wo •• VlC",V D-.--i~Side INO k.. V")( deoeasc:s lirl~dr~ ~OI4J/JtJs 7..ero a~ ce"l-er := (-) f01~ tt:~ ~f!'tlt' ~ack ~, C 'It /. . J.qy {a /I rC1'1 Vo is Vx -= 0 10 po i n t S -----...
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