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Proj_Part_B1-Z_V_H_S_Rev6 - Chemical Engineering Department...

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Chemical Engineering Department University of Florida ECH 4123 Prof. Oscar D. Crisalle Phase and Chemical Equilibria Class Project –- Part B1 BASIC THERMODYNAMIC CALCULATIONS USING THE PENG-ROBINSON EQUATION OF STATE Student Name:_______________________________ Programming Assignment 1.0 Write a MATLAB M-function that calculates the volumes and compressibility-factors produced by the cubic form of the Generalized Peng-Robinson Equation of state Z 3 + αΖ 2 + βΖ + γ = 0 (1) along with the associated specific volume V = ΖΡΤ / Π . Physical units: V [ =] μ 3 / κμολ , Ζ [=]διμ ενσιονλεσσ, [=] βαρ , Τ [=] ο Χ 1.1 The M-function should have the name PREOS_ZV . 1.2 The syntax of the M-function should be as follows [Z1, Z2, Z3, V1, V2, V3] = PREOS_ZV(P, T, PRpars) where a) The outputs Z1 , Z2 , and Z3 [dimensionless] are the three compressibility factors found as roots of the cubic-form of the Generalized Peng-Robinson equation of state (1), b) The outputs and V1 , V2 , and V3 [ m 3 / kmol ] are the three specific volumes associated with the compressibility factors. c) The input P [bar] is the pressure, and T [ ° C] is the temperature. © Oscar D. Crisalle 1994-2011
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ECH 4123 Class Project Part B 1: Thermodynamic Calculations Using the PR EOS 2 d) The input PRpars is a vector that contains the critical-point pressure P c , temperature T c , and specific volume V c , as well as the acentric factor ϖ for the substance being considered, in the following order: PRpars(1) = P c [bar] PRpars(2) = T c [ ° C] PRpars(3) = V c [ m 3 / kmol ] PRpars(4) = ϖ [dimensionless] 1.3 Remarks: a) The Appendix to this file contains an example MATLAB M-FUNCTION that can serve as guide for solving this part of the programming assignment. The example is for the case of a van der Waals equation of state, and it can be readily modified (and extended, as necessary) for the case of the Generalized Peng-Robinson equation of state. b) The outputs Z1 , Z2 , and Z3 may include complex numbers. In an ensuing project we will develop an algorithm that will discard the two complex roots, and that will also eliminate two of the real roots in the case when all three roots are real. c) Analogously, .outputs V1 , V2 , and V3 may include complex numbers. d) Note that the temperature input to the function should be in degrees Celsius, therefore, it may be necessary to convert the temperature to degrees Kelvin inside the function to ensure that the correct units are used in all the function calculations. 1.4 Write a driver file with the name PREOS_ZV_Driver . You are asked to write a MATLAB M-file (also known as an M-script ) that tests the results produced by the PREOS_ZV M-function. This M-file should define inputs for a case where the values of Z1, Z2, Z3, V1, V2,
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Proj_Part_B1-Z_V_H_S_Rev6 - Chemical Engineering Department...

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